Beemoov is a Nantes based browser games development company.
Beemoov was created in 2006 after the commercial success of the fashion game Ma Bimbo.


  • 2006 : Creation of Web-Expect LLC by Benoit and Jean-Philippe.
  • 2007 : Development of Ma-Bimbo, the 1st French game for girls! Purchase of d'Industrie Land.
  • 2008 : Resale of Industrie Land, acquisition and development of Space Fight.
  • 2009 : Web-Expect becomes BeeMoov LLC, opening of Cromimi.
  • 2010 : Opening of Rue du Fric, WafWaf, purchase of Secteur 18 and the launch of Ma-Bimbo for iPhone.
  • 2011 : Internationalization of Cromimi and Ma-Bimbo, Amour Sucré launched!

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